Turning a great idea into reality requires hard work. From early drawings to the delivery of the first batch of goods, much time will pass and many things may go wrong. OrangeRed provides a one-stop China & Global sourcing service taking care of all the things you can’t or don’t want to handle yourself. From prototyping to production to import. Everything is handled under 1 roof with an integral quality management system. It can’t get any more simple. And the great thing is: no development fee’s will be charged. The complete process is handled free of charge leaving you with a minimum of risk. We live on a small margin on the products we produce. Why? Because we believe in you and in your idea.

Every client is unique

All our clients and projects are unique. If you like to know how we can help your BIG idea become reality, please contact us now. We love to get to know you and are ready to start working on realizing your BIG idea right away!