OrangeRed loves working with Dutch Designers. Making products that engage and inspire is what we get up for in the morning (besides good coffee of course…)

Dutch Design

We offer the following benefits for Dutch Designers
Dutch Design

  • Prototyping & product development: most new designs are still full of uncertainties. They require testing, trial and error until a final product is ready that meets market demand and is designed for production. We welcome all sorts of materials like metal, plastic and wood. Single items and/or assemblies. And the best thing is: we won’t charge you anything during the development phase (besides any costs our manufacturers have to make)
  • One-stop service: from development to production to logistics; we can offer you a simple solution in which we oversee and guarantee quality of the final product until delivery at your door
  • Protection of intellectual property rights: we know how to protect your designs in China and will help you protect it in your target markets

Conclusion: your design is in good hands with us. Contact us now and let us know more about the product you want to have produced. We welcome anything from sketches on paper napkins to samples to 3D drawings.

Dutch Design 1

ps: did we mention we will keep you up to date of your project progress with pictures and movies taken in our factories?