Q: Will the products apply to European standards, like REACH, RoHS, CE?

A: Sure, we will provide you with the right certification upon request


Q: How to arrange shipment?

A: We provide shipment & import services at cost price. You are welcome to use your own forwarder. We will give you a free quotation from our forwarder and you can decide which option to use. We can also arrange combined shipments for you and have big discounts on express services (DHL / Fedex up to 75%)


Q: How about my intellectual property rights? Its important my design will not be copied

A: We can sign a non-disclosure / non-confidentiality agreement with you. We do the same thing with our suppliers and only work with trustworthy partners. A great idea is also worth being protected well in your own market: we therefore strongly recommend applying for patents on your intended market


Q: We found our own supplier, can you take over and handle for us?

A:  That really depends on the case. If you can provide us with more information about your product and supplier we are happy to advice. If we believe the supplier you have found can manage the project for you we can introduce you to a QC agent and a good forwarder so you can deal with it yourself. No costs charged. If we think you may be better off with another supplier we are happy to discuss this with you as well


Q: We are looking for a great product with good margin that we can easily sell on our market. Can you introduce something to us?

A: Unfortunately, this is not our core business. Our specialization is product development for clients and sourcing on clients request. We do not keep a list of possible products or hot-sellers


Q: We have been purchasing from China for a while and recently got into trouble with one of our suppliers, can you help?

A: It would be our pleasure: please forward us as much info as possible, email conversations, factory contact info, we would be happy to help you out, free of charge


Q: What is you earning model?

A: It depends from case to case. We normally take a margin on the product price, but also have customers with whom we work on a commission base


Q: What are your payment terms?

A: Normally 30% before production, 70% before shipment (you will be provided with pictures/movies of your products)


Q: We are a new company and need a small quantity to start with, is it possible?
A: We are happy to receive your inquiry and discuss the perfect solution for your unique situation