If the answer is no, ask yourself why? By actively searching for greener materials & suppliers you can make a difference and reduce the footprint you leave behind. You may be surprised to find out producing your products in a sustainable fashion will actually benefit you financially. Your costs don’t have to increase much while your product value does go up. Green Products A few of our favorite green materials are: Green Sourcing

  • FSC certified Wood: It simply means that for every tree cut, a new one is planted
  • Bamboo: did you know bamboo is a grass? It grows up in months, doesn’t have to be planted (it grows by itself) and requires no chemicals
  • Recycled or FSC certified paper: it helps preventing deforestation
  • Soy-ink: made from soy beans, it leaves a much smaller footprint than conventional inks. It makes paper more easily recyclable but doesn’t leave any concessions to quality: the colors are simply great!
  • Organic cotton: it is not only better for the environment; it is also much healthier to the body
  • Recyclable plastics: there are 7 types of plastics defined; some of them are very suitable for recycling; others not. Picking the plastics which can be recycled is a small thing but if we all do it can make a big difference
  • Environmental friendly paint: it is better for our own health and for the planet; chemicals we leave behind will always find their way back into our body; through water or food

Greensourcing Are your products produced in a sustainable way? Contact us now and tell us more about your products and company so we can work together on making your products more green!