Quality is all about expectation. And expectation becomes clear by communicating. Wouldn’t it be perfect to have a partner that speaks your language? That knows what your market needs? That delivers the right quality of product, produced according to the samples you approved? That delivers them to your warehouse in pristine condition?

Why take the risk of getting B-quality products, not according to specification, damaged and delivered after deadline?

Get rid of your quality worries by working with OrangeRed. A lot of famous brands trusted us to do sourcing for them. So can you.

Quality Control

China QualityA lot of famous brands trusted us. So can you.

We don’t have any secrets to great quality. Rather than that we rely on our years of experience, hard work, network with A-factories and rigorous quality checks of your goods in our factories. We can handle your complete project, from sample making to delivery at your door and take full responsibility during each and every step. The result of letting us do your sourcing is that you receive in-time deliveries, with consistent quality and a minimum of time and hassle spend. In the long term this will guarantee you of the lowest possible costs and continuous delight of your clients.

Top factories

We work with some of the largest manufacturers in Asia and the world

We are proud of what we do and love sharing it with you. Thats why we offer FREE inspection pictures & movies we take during our factory visits. See below for example a movie we made for an industrial design agency. They had an interesting design with plastic injection molded parts & aluminum extrusion parts. We took below movie in our aluminum extrusion factory for their reference.



Factory audit in aluminum factory for industrial design agency