OrangeRed provides a one-stop China & Global sourcing service. From prototyping to production to import. Everything is handled under 1 roof with an integral quality management system and with no development fee’s charged. Our customers are Creatives (i.e.: entrepreneurs, designers, artists, engineers, inventors), brand owners & wholesalers. We operate according to our advanced sourcing methodology, extensive project management expertise and passion for product development. We understand our clients like no one else. Our clients choose us as partner to save time & costs, reduce overall risk and receive quality products that help them become/stay leader in their market or niche.



OrangeRed is founder of the DPI & IOS Methods


Did you know that…?

  • In Holland out of every 13 people 1 person has owned a product produced by OrangeRed?
  • OrangeRed employs freelancers in 6 different continents?
  • OrangeRed has been growing steadily every year since the economic crisis in 2008?
  • OrangeRed names derives from the national colors of Holland & China?
  • OrangeRed is actively designing and developing its own BIG ideas and is looking to do 50% client projects and 50% own projects by 2016?